Faye Hall Design

Faye graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 2010 with an MA in Textiles for Fashion, and has over 14 years experience creating tactile fabrics and textiles for both fashion and interiors. She has been working exclusively in the jewellery field of textiles for over 6 years and has exhibited at Collect (London), Munich Jewellery Week, Collectible Art Fair (Belgium), New York Design Week as well as other exhibitions worldwide.

She is an award winning designer who creates striking, art jewellery exploring the possibilities of material contrasts. Each piece is handmade with an intuitive and organic approach and with a high level of craftsmanship.

Coming from a textile design background, she now applies her love and interest for surface qualities and a material led approach to create bold pieces of art jewellery that explores embroidery and colour. She enjoys the challenge of creating pieces that are contrasting in surface, weight and origin but ensuring that they are harmonious in form, colour and tactility.